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Clients: Well Being Digital Ltd (WBD) + subcompanies Hera Leto ONE and GlycaDx

Challenge: Produce high-quality promotional videos that showcases the mission and products of various health tech wearable companies based on Hong Kong within the span of 2 months

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm, storyboard, recruit models, scout for filming locations, film, edit (fix lighting, add voiceover + graphics + background music + captions), revise based on feedback from supervisors

Softwares Used: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects

Deliverable + Impact: 3 fully produced and edited videos showcased at international conferences, client meetings, and Hong Kong International Airport (for a limited time)

Takeaway: I shouldn't underestimate my ability to learn quickly on the job. With the help of the internet, I familiarized myself with new video editing software in about a week and was able to fine-tune my skills as I continued to work on more videos.


Client: PopKorea (in collaboration with Dorothy Kang and Lindy Clute)

Challenge: Create an engaging YouTube series targeted for international English speaking fans who wish to explore and learn more about the hidden gems of South Korea

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm, storyboard, location scouting, budgeting, filming, editing (footage + music)

Software Used: iMovie

Deliverable + Impact: 4-episode YouTube series “Reel 2 Real” with +200 views that features different locations featured in Korean dramas

Takeaway: Work is the most fun if you're able to incorporate your own interests! Capitalizing on my knowledge as an avid fan of Korean dramas, I figured it would be of interest for our target audience to see fellow drama fans travel to and talk about places that were featured in dramas. Our genuine enthusiasm shines through in our casual vlog-style series, enabling viewers to live vicariously through us as well as gain more information about what to do and where to go when they visit Korea in the future.

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