Project: Portrait Logo

Challenge: Create a portrait logo that captures my personality (fun project to practice Illustrator/Photoshop)

Contribution + Process: Initial brainstorm, sketch, reiterate, decide on favorite hairstyle and accessories, photoshop logos onto mockups of choice

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Deliverable + Impact: Personal brand logo that can be used for various personal brand materials

Takeaway:  Oftentimes the best way to explore new tools and software practice is to create fun projects that push you to improve your skills hands-on (think  less and do more!). Taking initiative to expand your skill set so that you can continue to bring your visions to life is very important and empowering. 


Final logo, iterations, mockups (business card + water bottle)


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(pictured version was used for Instagram)


Client: Ecube Labs

Challenge: Design infographics that captures the key facts of informational articles about the waste management industry.

Contribution + Process: Research facts, brainstorm and sketch layout, find stylistically similar icons, copywriting

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Deliverable + Impact: Used as thumbnail preview for articles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram with a combined 4000+ followers, combined average click rate of 2.26% (including all platforms)

Takeaway: Creating original, visually engaging graphics that are easy to share digitally is a great way to break down more complex concepts while also expanding audience reach. It is alo important to stay consistent and on-brand when creating any materials for a company.


Project: Why Don’t We Fanbase Expansion

Challenge: Develop a marketing campaign proposal for the boy band Why Don’t We.

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm and write up campaign concept and logistics, outline layout, create presentation slides, practice script, present

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Deliverable + Impact: Working with Ian Hunter (one of Why Don’t We’s manager and Vice President of A&R at Atlantic Records), create a slide deck for executives at Atlantic Records (only a few slides are shared)

Takeaway: The way you deliver a message is just as important as the content of the message. People appreciate and pay more attention to the presentation when slides are well made.


PPT of marketing strategy to expand WDW's global fanbase

MLH Shirt (Back).png
MLH Shirt (Front).png


Project: Múa Lạc Hồng Team Shirt (co-designed with Cali Nguyen)

Challenge: Design a sleek and minimalist dance team shirt that also reflects the loving nature of our team. 

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm, sketch, gain feedback from dance team members, revise, create high fidelity version for shirt printing company

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Deliverable + Impact: Dance team shirt worn by all dance members both on and off stage 

Takeaway: When designing a shirt for any team and organization, make sure that it's versatile and stylish enough so that group members will love wearing it anytime and anywhere. I wouldn't want my peers to just wear at once and never touch it again!


Client: Project Voice

Challenge: Design graphics to showcase the rewards of

crowdfunding campaign for a podcast scholarship program

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm concepts, gather photos and information, gain feedback from client, create final drafts for posting

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator

Deliverable + Impact: 18 graphics used for a crowdfunding campaign that raised over $7000, was used in a newsletter with 100 subscribers and on an Instagram account with 1000+ followers

Takeaway: I've come to that point in my designer journey where I have solidified my aesthetic and understand my strengths when it comes to color and tone. 


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