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Project: K-pop idol-themed personality test for veeper

Challenge: Create a fun and engaging content that will bring awareness to the platform through viral marketing

Contribution + Process: Research about personality quizzes, brainstorm quiz concept, brainstorm and finalize quiz questions + choices + results,  promote the quiz on various social media platforms and forums

Deliverable + Impact: 12 question MBTI personality test available in both English and Korean with 36,000+ participants

Takeaway: Leveraging how people were constantly sharing results of their MBTI personality quizzes on their social media and also the popularity of K-pop, I figured creating a fun quiz would get people to participate and share the quiz on their social media. Given that on the results page of the quiz tells you more about the associated platform, the more people would engage and share which leads to more exposure for the platform. 

Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 7.44.50 PM.png

Click on the image to go take the test

Audio + visualizer and graphics explaining details of LUMINOUS's comeback event on veeper


Project: LUMINOUS's “LUMINOUS in WONDERLAND” Comeback Event on veeper

Challenge: Create an event that promotes the K-pop idol group LUMINOUS's latest comeback through the audio content platform

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm event concept + quiz questions + design for event announcement graphic, create audio visualizer for the event

Software Used: After Effects

Deliverable + Impact: Audio content-based quiz where fans left 110 comments on veeper in response to the questions recorded by the LUMINOUS members

Takeaway: As a fan of K-pop who takes pride in knowing everything about the K-pop idol groups I like, I decided it would be best to come up with event that allows LUMINOUS fans to show off how well they know their latest comeback as well as the individual members. My favorite part of this event was the Part Switch Quiz which allowed the fans to hear the members sing or rap parts of the song they usually don't do (it's particularly fun when you get to hear the rappers sing or singers rap).


Project: PIXY's "BRAVERY” Comeback Event on Stari

Challenge: Create an event that promotes the K-pop idol group PIXY's latest comeback through the personalized video message platform

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm event concept + event process & timeline + design for event announcement graphic

Software Used: Illustrator, Premiere

Deliverable + Impact: Fan reaction event where fans ordered personalized videos and can film and record their reaction to the video they receive from a PIXY member for a chance to win an autographed copy of PIXY's "Bravery" album, resulted in 38 orders of personalized videos from the PIXY members

Takeaway: Because this event took place during COVID-19, it was important to leverage a form of contactless interaction between the K-pop and their fans. This is even more important considering PIXY had a significant fanbase outside of Korea. By receiving the fan reaction videos, we not only got to see the impact these personalized videos had to these fans, we were able to show other fans an alternative, unique, new way in which they can interact with their fans besides going to performances or concerts and leaving likes and comments on social media.

IG post template mockups + rebranded feed (hover to play video) +
stickers preview (hover to see animated)

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