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Song: to. ice bear (co-written and performed with Niki Saelou who was on guitar)

Challenge: Create and serenade an original song to show our appreciation for our close friend on his birthday

Contribution + Process: Create melody, co-write lyrics, sing 

Software Used: iPhone (for recording audio), iMovie (lyric video)

Deliverable + Impact: 2 minute song that received a heartfelt reaction from the birthday boy, lyric video was created by Niki Saelou

Takeaway: It’s important to stick to your intuition and go with the flow when it comes to channeling an innate skill. In this case, I allowed myself to just hum whatever melody came to mind (we actually went with the first take!). Counting all of the actual hours we spent on creating this song, it took about half a day. The process was so fast since we let our creative juices flow with no restrictions, just trusting in the message we wanted to tell and what sounded right to our ears.

to. ice bear (ㄴㄹ)
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