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Through veeper, celebrities share moments of their daily lives
with fans all over the world via audio snippets and chat messages.


Add features to a communication app where Korean celebrities would record audio snippets that would disappear after a designated amount of time. Key goals included:

  1. Increase interactiveness between celebrities and fans through more communication avenues

  2. Increase user registration and usage by introducing different payment models

  3. Encourage celebrities and fans excited about using veeper and sharing about it on social media


E.g. Bubble, Universe Weverse, Pocketdols

Users included celebrities, managers, and fans

Used Adobe XD

Discussed with app development and talent communication teams

Used Zeplin


veeper 1.0 (initial version) consisted of only audio messages and was free to use


Celebrities upload audio snippets and choose when the audio will disappear


​Fans subscribe to a specific celebrity to get notifications whenever said celebrity uploads audio snippets


Fans can react with emojis as they are listening to the audio snippet of a celebrity


​Top 5 celebrities who receive the most for each emoji appears on the Ranking tab (updated every 24 hours)


veeper 2.0 introduces a coin/pass system and allows fans to comment on audio messages 

Coin Shop.png

Fans can now buy coins to 1) unlock audio messages individually or 2) activate a pass for a specific celebrity to unlock all of their audio messages for 30 days

Effect: Allow fans to customize their experience and engage with the app according to their financial capability

Confirm Screen.png

Celebrities can now label their audio message with tags

Effect: Help fans decide which audio messages they want to unlock

Pass Page (Audio).png

Fan can still follow celebrities for free to get notified when celebrities upload new audio messages

Effect: Allow fans to not miss out on any potential content they would want to consume, fans might end up spending more coins or activate a pass if they see a celebrity is very active

Comments Expanded View with Close.png

Fans can now leave comments on the audio messages they have unlocked 

Effect: Increase engagement since fans can answer any questions the celebrities pose in their audio messages, celebrities can also reply in the comment section

Message List.png

Home page redesigned to show the order in which audio messages were available 

Effect: Help fans know which audio messages to prioritize listening to based on expiration time and also allow for better flow if they listen to the audio messages in chronological order

Veep - Unlocked.png

Fans can use the seekbar to move to a specific part of an audio message 

Effect: Increase usability especially for audio messages that are particularly long

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