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Clients: Hera Leto ONE + Well Being Digital Limited (WBD101) 

Challenge: Redesign the current company websites for two Hong Kong-based health tech wearable startups to better showcase their past accomplishments, present projects, and
future plans.

Contribution + Process: Reorganize website menu/flow,
redo website color palette, reword/reduce text while
incorporating more graphics

Software Used: Wix

Deliverable + Impact: 2 company websites redesigned to attract the respective target audiences for various products

Takeaway: It’s important to take consideration of one’s target audience when designing a website to make sure it is easy to navigate and speaks to the consumers’ needs.


Click to visit the Hera Leto ONE + WBD101 websites


Client: Haulla

Challenge: Design a company website that explains the value proposition of a waste management matching platform to its various stakeholders (small-medium businesses and local garbage collectors).

Contribution + Process: Develop the brand story, structure the website layout, create and communicate graphic concepts to the design team, copywriting, manage and update website information

Software Used: Adobe XD, Wordpress

Deliverable + Impact: Company website that showcases offered services to attract potential customers (redesigned 2 times to reflect new developments of product/service)

Takeaway: When you're building a website for a product/service that is still in development, expect to do a content rehaul as you transition from a simple landing page that explains the overall concept and company mission to a full-fledged website that delves into concrete details (i.e. product/service capacity, customer base, FAQs, localized landing pages, etc.).


Click to visit Rachel Goodgion's portfolio
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New Haulla Homepage.png

Click to visit the Haulla website

Fashion Lookbook Website.png

Click to visit my fashion lookbook


Client: Rachel Goodgion

Challenge: Redesign the portfolio of an American fashion model active in South Korea. The portfolio should include shots from various photoshoots that showcase the model’s versatility, while also embodying the model’s brand.

Contribution + Process: Brainstorm and discuss my client’s brand, conceptualize and structure the website layout, request and help curate photos and descriptions, add animation effects, revise as needed based on client’s feedback

Software Used: Wix

Deliverable + Impact: Portfolio designed to solidify model’s credibility/professionalism and book modeling gigs in South Korea

Takeaway: I see potential in projects and love to bring visions into reality, especially if it involves helping clients recognize and achieve desires and goals they were not able to do on their own. Creating this central branding entity can really set the tone for a person’s career, so I am grateful that my client trusted in my abilities to take some loose ideas and just let my creativity run wild. Trust in collaboration is very important.

Note: If you didn’t already know, I also designed my own portfolio (what you’re looking at now)!


Project: Fashion Lookbook

Challenge: Create a website with a unique design that showcases my venture into fashion as a form of self expression that cultivates confidence. Inspired by all of the fashion trends I encountered during my time in the fashion-forward city of Seoul.

Contribution + Process: Design website, contact photographers, schedule photo shoots, curate photos, write up weekly posts

Software Used: Wix

Deliverable + Impact: Magazine-themed fashion lookbook with weekly posts individually formatted based on length of commentary and quantity of photos

Takeaway: Collaborations with other aspiring artists are a great way to grow your skills, especially when you’re pulling from each other’s strengths to execute a larger scale project.

One of my favorite collaborations was with Da Eun Kim (DNKM Stories) where we filmed a fashion lookbook video named #GIRLBOSS. Read more about the collaboration here.

Featured Photographers: Jessica Nguyen, Ria Kim, Jonathan Mao, Jessica Meno, Anthony Nguyen, and Da Eun Kim.

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