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and here is what I do as a freelance multimedia artist. :)

My Goal

My Approach*

My Fun Skill

I'm all about turning creative visions into reality. In all of the content I produce, I want to connect cultures, empower creative confidence, and share authentic narratives. With my skills and experiences, my career goal is to work in the Korean music and entertainment industry doing content production and design work.

When it comes to Asian entertainment/pop culture, I have consumed so much content from various platforms that I can easily and quickly recognize talent (even if they aren't big names) from many TV shows, movies, music videos, ads, and I can even spot them in the streets. The same can also be said about music. Even if I don't know the song title, I will most likely be able to pinpoint the artist. Test me!

Empathize with clients–what is their cultural background, personal experiences, and vision?


Input their wants and needs–what are wants and needs they don't even know they have?


Think futuristically–what is the goal/long-term impact of the project?


Strategize a game plan–what is the most efficient and engaging way I can approach this project?

Develop a deliverable that remains authentic–how do I stay true to my client’s vision as well as my own values?

* Based on results of my CliftonStrengths test, click here for in-depth analysis

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